5 Things A Social Media Manager Must Be Thankful For Social Media Simplify 5 Things A Social Media Manager Must Be Thankful For Social Media Simplify

28 November, 2014

5 Things A Social Media Manager Must Be Thankful For

Every year, around this particular time, people express their gratitude for tons of things and people making their lives easier and fruitful. Without any guilt, as a social media manager, I too have a few tools and platforms I’m always thankful for. Without them none of the social media managers could be in an important team role as we are today.

Thanksgiving Social Media Manager

Expressing my feelings of gratitude on the occasion of Thanksgiving, here’s the list of those 5 things:

1. Social networking sites: More they grow, more thankful I’m. Without them, probably we social media managers would either be just copy writers or SEO guys or some would be just figuring out ‘how does craigslist work’! Thank you Friends-Reunited, Friendster, MySpace, Orkut, FreindFeed, Flickr and the rest of the platforms prevailing and keeping us alive today!

2. Browser password keepers: Every time I pick a new tool or platform, the thing that scares me most is ‘The Password’. Though social media managers are very good at keeping passwords intact, yet there’s a chance say about more than 60% that one would forget a new password if it is not synonymous enough. Again, in the light of the recent hacks, a synonymous password is a double edged sword hanging over a social media manager’s head 24X7.
3. Scheduling platforms: So many hundreds of social networking platforms and just 24 hours; not fair! But thanks to scheduling platforms like Hootsuite, LaterBro, SocialOomph (TweetLater), Buffer etc. Now, the only thing a social media manager needs to worry (about time) is the best time slot to schedule the post and forget the rest of the world forever (or unless been woken up by the marketing manager or his boss).
4. Link shorten-ers: URL shortening platforms are the next big things a social media manager must be thankful for. Without them social media marketing would be a disaster. TinyURL, Bit.ly etc. are the platforms to mention here and be thankful for.
5. Monitoring platforms: Tracking, monitoring, and reporting are 3 obvious parts of any social media manager’s regular schedule. And no social media manager could ever save his job without monitoring platforms (be it an inbuilt one or a third party one). These platforms deserves a standing ovation than a just a Thank You note. Thank you for being there and making my life easier in the most complicated way ever (gig).

Some of my friends (and social media managers) might have other platforms to add that we all must be thankful for. In that case, I welcome your comments with a ‘Thank You’ note. Thank You.

Sourced from Syed's Linkedin Pulse post.


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