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25 March, 2020

5 Great Sources for Free Digital Marketing Courses w/ Certification

Free Digital Marketing Course with Certification

Under home quarantine? Worried about the 21 home-bound days under India lock-down?

Wanna make the best outta your home-bound days with Digital Marketing certifications?

Well, here's a list of 5 great sources, where you can learn digital marketing for free and earn a completion certification as well.

16 October, 2018

5 Reasons Why Every Social Media Content Strategy Needs Infographics

As a social media manager or a strategist, you might have felt the importance of having graphics properly scheduled and leveraged into your content calendar; Right?

Well, it’s true that the Interest Span on social media is the lowest among all the digital media formats widely available, adopted and used by the masses. To save our social media and content professionals from the misery of being overlooked, those graphics do the wonders. Be it an image or a video, the graphical representation of an idea or data set is always catchy and trendy through'em.

09 July, 2017

Yes, Digital Depression Is Real!

Down in the dumps? After seeing all those ultra happy faces, super successful people around you on Facebook? Well, you might be a victim of Facebook depression. Good news is, you are not alone! The Facebook depression is just a part of the bigger pack known as Digital Depression and there are thousands of people around the globe suffering from this issue.

24 February, 2017

Entrepreneurial Context of Digital Divide and Digital Hypochondria

Entrepreneurship is always about taking the bull by the horns; and the latest addition of digital media has just paced that big bull by adding one more arena to fight. We are living in such a time where identity & authenticity of almost everything is synonymous with its digital presence.

The advancement in ICT at the helm of digital media is herculean enough to grab the creative minds by a stir. Ranging from travel to health, grocery to education, everything has at-least one digital facet readily available today.

17 October, 2016

Where Does Social Media Stand in 2016? The 5 Yardsticks!

Social Media, in 2016, has reached a position just beyond the BEP (break even point) of its life cycle, particularly w/ the help of social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and a few new players in the OTT domain like SnapChat, WhatsApp etc.

Mankind has crossed a thousands of miles of development in terms of almost anything! Social media in its fullest of life is no different, surviving a tons of ups and downs till this time of 2016.

To gauge the advancement of social media in actual, we can definitely quote the following:

31 May, 2015

Social Media in Theories: Part One

BASIC SOCIAL MEDIA THOERIES: The Communication Perspctive

So, how do you read/perceive social media? Is it always and all about Facebook, twitter and a few more platforms enabling us to share the pictures, thoughts and s***s from the squares we eat and play? Is it always about the cynosures among us? Well, simply put, it is not; it is way bigger than that. Social media is (now) one of the strongest and fastest ways to communicate; be it conversational or even in trance.

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