5 Reasons Why Every Social Media Content Strategy Needs Infographics Social Media Simplify 5 Reasons Why Every Social Media Content Strategy Needs Infographics Social Media Simplify

16 October, 2018

5 Reasons Why Every Social Media Content Strategy Needs Infographics

As a social media manager or a strategist, you might have felt the importance of having graphics properly scheduled and leveraged into your content calendar; Right?

Well, it’s true that the Interest Span on social media is the lowest among all the digital media formats widely available, adopted and used by the masses. To save our social media and content professionals from the misery of being overlooked, those graphics do the wonders. Be it an image or a video, the graphical representation of an idea or data set is always catchy and trendy through'em.

An infographics is an interesting graphical way to present info, data and knowledge in an appealing visual manner that can quickly catch the attention of the reader/viewer. 

In this small post, I am trying to cover 5 points for infographics that I always put my emphasis upon while preparing any social media content strategy and the calendar for my clients.

No. #1: Simplified Representation of Data, Info or Knowledge:

A post or an article might be a better way to express an idea at length; but when it comes to represent the data in the most simplified manner an infographics is the best way. Use of clip arts, graphs, pie charts etc. makes it really simple to represent the data or info at hand. Further, on social media channels, an infographics can fetch more hits than a full length article killing the character space available.

No. #2: Less Time Consuming for the Readers/Viewers:

As the attention span on digital media is deteriorating every single day with the bombardment of write-ups, the use of infographics can save the reader or the viewer a lot of time on the subject matter or the topic s/he is trying to gather knowledge on. 

No. #3: Can Catch Eyes Easily:

Infographics is the way to serve best to the shorter interest span on social media. With the colorful representation of data, an infographics can easily catch the eyes and the scrolling thumbs of the readers/viewers.

No. #4: Increases the Knowledge Retentivity:

With the colorful representation of data, infographics possess the power of quicker retentivity. Readers/viewers tend to retain more of the data/info presented in an infographics than a 100% text based article/post.

No. #5: SEO Friendliness: 

The best argument to incorporate infographics into any content strategy lies upon the importance of SEO, and infographics are always SEO friendly. The appearance of an infographics with the alt tags in any search increases the visibility of the site more than the texts could.

Extra Tip:

For your social media content calendar, try to have infographics in the landscape mode and scale it to the image ratio of the popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. Further, DO NOT forget to add the social sharing buttons to it.

To conclude, Infographics has emerged as one of the coolest and powerful tool of the recent time that every social media manager must be thankful for!

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