10 Tips to Simplify Social Media uses: Social Media Simplify 10 Tips to Simplify Social Media uses: Social Media Simplify

23 June, 2010

10 Tips to Simplify Social Media uses:


Social media activities carried out on a large scale on regular basis need a structured workflow in order to avoid confusion and cumbersome tracking. The steps to simplify social media not only help you to optimize your time but also increase efficiency.

Social media simplifying can be accomplished by identifying the right widgets that provide you a quicker access to most of your SM sites at a click (these will be available as html codes which you have to include in your web page for the widget to be accessible in the form of a button or tool tip) or by using software tools by which you can automate your SM activities.

Few tips for social media simplification using 10 of the best & Freely available tools:

1. Hootsuite: For twitter social media promotion, schedule your tweets in such a way that they appear on the top during the high peak time. While using Hootsuite, select the most appropriate time of the day according to the time zone of your users, as Hootsuite is devised to cope any time difference that comes your way of promotion.

2. Dlvr.it: Tweak your feed contents as and when there are new updates so that your users don't miss out on them and your competitors don't count on the same. Dlvr.it helps you with this task and makes your job easy with its superb sharing ability.

3. Hellotxt: It can be used in smart ways to have your social media expand in big volumes. Connecting to your users via SMS and emails is a great way of social media aggregation.

4. LaterBro: If you have a majority of your user base on the social media of facebook and twitter, displaying ads targeting them would be fetching. LaterBro allows you to use your twitter or facebook accounts conveniently to register and get going by scheduling and saving your valuable time.

5. Ping.fm: Sign up free with ping.fm so that you can at once ping social media from anywhere to seamlessly. Ping.fm has many features integrated into it like Google Buzz and other social media simplify tools like RSS feed. Apart from these, there is a long list of social bookmarking sites to go.

6. TweetDeck: Maintaining a social media dashboard gives you a greater control over the networking activities. Tweetdeck is one tool that is free to download and helps you to connect to your users across facebook, twitter, myspace, LinkedIn, foursquare, etc from a common ground. So, download that yellow crow button and you are just set to move on.

7. Futuretweets: Reminding your users about pending action is a great way to keep things on track, but there may be times when you cannot supervise things yourself. At times like those, let your social media solve the issues of your unavailability by itself. Whether you are on a planned vacation or in the middle of an immediate contingency, you can use Futuretweets to do the regular and recurring updating or sending reminders to you and your users.

8. SocialOomph: Previously known as Tweetlater, Socialoomph gives the power of scheduling, key word tracking, auto-messaging etc. for your twitter and facebook accounts. And it’s obviously one of the greatest free tools available online. Just create a free SO account and add your twitter account/s into it; you are ready to rock with Social Oomph.

9. Twuffer: Having an evergreen active status on twitter boosts your visibility. With Twuffer, keep yourself eternally active and responsive by scheduling post dated tweets so that you don’t miss out on any tiny activity anymore.

10. Share Buttons: Get the coolest sharing button like “Add This" widget on your blog or important web pages with high traffic so that users can quickly book mark your pages on their active social media sites. This will NOT only save your readers’ time but also will increase your content publicity.

It takes just a little alertness and thoughtfulness to use the existing social media ‘simplify tools’ to your advantage. Any day, smart work scores over hard and laborious work.

Use these Social Media Simplify tools and you are sure to set fire to your visibility and brand recognition on these social platforms. So, keep networking … Socially!!!



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