5 signs that your Social Media activities have reached a level of saturation Social Media Simplify 5 signs that your Social Media activities have reached a level of saturation Social Media Simplify

14 June, 2010

5 signs that your Social Media activities have reached a level of saturation


Social Media Marketing is no doubt a very vital step in the business process. Marketing via social media platforms viz. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. requires a good amount of time and consistency in efforts. 

Many a times, marketing professionals or third party service providers need to be hired for social media marketing on the internet, in addition to the marketing team targeting the mass media like television, radio and daily newspapers.

But, to remember, every business hits a breakeven point when it comes to investment in its marketing. Until a certain point, the ROI from marketing rises proportionately, but beyond a limit, it begins to drop drastically. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to deciding on the percentage of funds to be allocated to the marketing division, though a rough estimate from observation and studies shows less than 25%. The ideal practice is to customize and optimize. We have been taught from time immemorial that too much of anything is too bad, it holds well right here right now too! You need to know when to stop expending more on social media marketing and redirect that energy and time to bring more innovation into your products/ services and steer your business into more productive channels.

You know that your social media activities and respective progress have hit the saturation level when:

1. Low level of Loyalty: You continually get new visitors but very few of them are returning to your site and still fewer are actually turning up to be your customers. You are just having to entertain too many casual enquires from non focused customers who are a bit intrusive into your work time or work place.

2. Time mismanagement: You find yourself spending inordinate amount of time and effort on researching and implementing social media marketing strategies but find little or no positive progress from the previous step.

3. Counter combat moves: When you find an unhealthy competition springing up and suspect people stalking every move of yours and you have to spend more effort trying to counter combat. After you have made the best of social media activities, it is better to stay where you are. You need to be careful about what strategies of yours can be shared with the world and not entertain unwanted piracy. If you continue longer tooting your horn louder, you actually may gather more rivals who try better to defame you.

4. Inertia of Page Ranking: There is no significant change in the page ranking of your website after your page has been listed in the top places by the search engines and your web content threatens to become redundant if you try to increase the volume of your blog postings.

5. No engagement from ads: You find that your ads displayed on different mediums are getting longer and complicated day by day as you try to embed more information. And people start becoming indifferent and unresponsive to your ads.

Yes, these are the 5 sure signs that your Social Media activities are nearing a saturation level.

Too much of marketing leaves a negative impression on the minds of people. After all, ultimately quality speaks for itself, doesn't it? So, it’s better to have contentment with the best quality and lesser amount of marketing efforts combined with value based ideas. Concentrating and reforming your attack policies with quality and value into consideration are sure of help. Try them whenever you see these 5 signs into your Social Media activities.



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