Cross Check - Are the organizers of your Social Media Bootcamp really qualified? Social Media Simplify Cross Check - Are the organizers of your Social Media Bootcamp really qualified? Social Media Simplify

14 September, 2010

Cross Check - Are the organizers of your Social Media Bootcamp really qualified?


Social Media(SM) and its optimization are really good and helpful when you have the proper knowledge. And what else than a seminar or an interactive session or a bootcamp on Social Media can do this wonder for you and your business or organization!

To boost up your Social Media marketing knowledge, it is not always necessary to stick online all the time. You can find the best ways by adopting some offline methods too. There are dozens of offline events which can give you a streamline flow of opportunities. But, just like the ever-growing number of websites or like the no. of users in social networking sites, the number of offline events is also growing at a very rapid pace. You have to be real careful while choosing these events or bootcamps.

So the problem I am coining here is - “How to select the best SM events/bootcamps, which are really beneficial?” And the most appropriate answers to this question are the points mentioned below:

1.      TOPIC COVERAGE: To choose an offline program like SM events and bootcamps, where you can find some real treasure, you need to track the coverage of the event first. Check out the event/bootcamp topic coverage, relate it to your requirements and business purposes, then sort them accordingly and add the part that your organizers/speakers have not included for the question & answering round.

2.      ATTENDEES: Bootcamps, events have two fold benefits; you get some real ideas that enhance your knowledge base and give you an effective exposure to greater field of potential coworkers. So, have a check on the list of the attendees in your next SM bootcamp. A diverse amount of audience is sure to add some extra value to the event. So, larger the number of the attendees, larger is the scope from social interaction.

3.      EXPOSURE: Mind it… You are attending an offline event, which means that the exposure of the event is a bit limited. So, gauge the publicity stunts of the events after and before the commencement of the event/bootcamp. Many organizers give it a good hand to the publicity before the commencement of the event to get a good crowd, as every participant comes with a certain token entry amount and forgets it after the event. This is something real common for almost all the event. So, you can have a very effective event provided you have opted for an event that will and always promote aftermath reflecting the credibility of the organizers.

4.      ORGANIZERS/SPEAKERS: Every next door guy knows about Social Media and can speak good English. But is that enough to make him a speaker or organizer of such an evet/bootcamp? OBVIOUSLY, not. There are thousands of people and organizations either locally or internationally working on the SM grounds just to earn MONEY. They are crossing limits to just show-off that they are experts. Most of the attendees do not posses prior knowledge of Social Media and its application into business, which makes it easier for the organizers to exploit the attendees easily. So, it’s always better to have a good knowledge about the speaker or the organizers of the event/bootcamp you are attending.

Cross check the Speakers/Organizers: Track them on the only ground of SOCIAL MEDIA, because it is about Social Media and not just any other A, B, C, D aspects of marketing or search engine optimization. Though SEO and SMO go hand in hand, it is very unfortunate that you are expecting a meta tag writer or a site submitter to tell you about Social Media. Look for their certifications, experiences as a Social Media activist and NOT as a SEO expert because you are there to learn Social Media and not how to amalgamate SEO and SM.

5.      RECOGNITION: After attending a SM event/bootcamp, it is obvious to expect a certification. The value of this certificate is something really important. But, this is important and credit-worthy only when recognized by some great organization or body; otherwise it is just a colored piece of paper decorated to be exchanged for the money you pay as an admission fee to that event/bootcamp. So, be careful about the recognition that you would get after attending that bootcamp. It is always advisable to do a recheck on the organizers status quo and the experience of the banner that is organizing the event.

These are the basic qualification to sort out a SM bootcamp for your requirements. So, next time when you plan to attend such a bootcamp, you must cross check whether it has the potential to make your session fruitful or not. Now remember the golden words from Social Media Club – If you get it, Share it.



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