7 Reasons - Your Business can’t avoid Facebook. Social Media Simplify 7 Reasons - Your Business can’t avoid Facebook. Social Media Simplify

15 August, 2010

7 Reasons - Your Business can’t avoid Facebook.


Kids, teenagers, young adults or adults, well there is almost no barriers to join this Social Networking giant Facebook and to use as a tool to keep in touch with their friends and colleagues. It has got a tremendous change in many aspects, so as in the case of business.

Facebook is a place where you can find a huge crowd of people and search them by their age, sex, location etc.; and you can search them by their favorites like music, cuisine etc. also. What else do you need? And that’s the point of viral marketing business, the boost dose your business promotion requires.

In this article I am going to give ‘7 Reasons’ why you should consider a Facebook presence or say a Facebook marketing strategy for your Business. They are simple, yet very effective for your viral marketing. Among all the Social Media marketing strategies available, Facebook marketing has its own unique place for each and every business.
Let me show you the 7 reasons, as below:

#1 Get indexed by major search engines:
When you create a Facebook profile, you may select to appear in public search and by doing so your profile becomes searchable in most of the major search engines. On searching your company name your Facebook presence will appear almost atop, which is capable of driving a heavy traffic to your business.

#2 Get knocked by others:
Regular update of contents in your Facebook page can lead to numerous ways of finding business. The updates you post into your page become visible to all of the fans & friends. And even the contents posted by others into your wall are good sorts of connecting tool among your business and your prospects. The example of Coca-Cola page, which is created and maintained by two crazy fans, shows the power of fans to the Facebook presence of your business.

#3 Focus on a Global Audience:
There are more than 500 million users of Facebook, and 70% of them are from outside U.S.; this figure shows how the audience is spread all over the world. You can reach a person from any part of the globe. This point simply adds the power of global marketing to your business.

#4 Magnetize Unlimited New Clients:
As said under the heading 2 the Facebook presence increases the customer engagement level to your business be it a big brand or a small business. If you regularly update your contents and give others a chance to say their own words about your business definitely you can engage and attract thousands of fans to your business. Just keep an eye on the ‘nay-sayers’; let them say their negative feelings at a rational amount and you can get the best possible cutting edge advantage into your products & services from their experiences or words or negative feedback. Use them wisely.

#5 Interlock with your fans:
Among all the social marketing platforms Facebook gives you an opportunity to turn your fans into a viral accelerator for your marketing. Starting an interesting discussion will involve your fans and ultimately it will get spread to their friends. New offers and promotions are very well done through Facebook pages now a day. Even an endorsement for your most loyal fans is another good idea to get a peak advantage through this Facebook marketing.

#6 Correlate your presence with other media:
Facebook gives you the ultimate offer to make your presence content rich; you just need to synchronize your page with other media tools and apps like your blog, twitter account etc. It is a fact that more the content- more is the value. Some good tools to use with your Facebook presence are the apps like delivr.it, networked blogger etc.

#7 Encourage a fan based collaboration: 
The Facebook presence, either your fan-page or your profile can become a viral marketing platform for your fans to interact with your business. This interaction will bring them closer. You can enhance this interaction and help them understand your business better.

It is very well said that “Success comes when preparation meets opportunity”. And of course Facebook is that opportunity everyone needs for his business. If you prepare well and make the proper use of this, success is very much sure to come your way.

Wish you a happy Facbook experience!!



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