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03 June, 2010

How Articles Can Help You Create Personal Branding

How Articles Can Help You Create Personal Branding

When growing a business on the Internet, it's important to develop your own personal brand. No sense going into business as a carbon copy of another business, right? And on the Internet, one of the best ways to create your own personal brand is through article marketing.

Article marketing is a type of marketing that uses informational articles to help people find what they want online. The concept is simple -- people don't turn to the Internet primarily to buy products and services, but instead to look for information.

By writing niche-relevant articles that answer common questions by customers in your niche, you create a name for yourself -- and hence a personal brand. Articles get the most exposure when posted on "article directories," or repositories of articles on the Internet that people very often visit to find information.

The formula is simple. When a person reads one of your niche articles, they get the information they're looking for and they recognize you as an expert in your niche. And as more and more people realize you give quality niche-relevant information, your personal brand will grow in popularity.

And since all of your articles can have a few links to your website, they'll be more likely to visit your website and see what else your business has to offer. THAT'S where the marketing part comes in!

The great part about this type of marketing is that you don't have to be a writer to do it, although it's always more fun if you are. There are lots of great freelance article writers out there willing to do all the work for you -- at a competitive price, too. Check out freelancing sites to find great professional writers online.

Article marketing helps your online business in three ways -- first, it builds back links to your website. Two, the additional traffic and number of back links generated by your articles can increase your site's PageRank value, helping even more people find your web site via search engines. And three is the most obvious -- it simply makes your business look "friendlier" and more attractive.

Article marketing is definitely here to stay -- there's simply no better way to meet people's growing need for useful information and build your business's personal brand at the same time. If you're not into it already, start studying about it. It may take years to become the most popular web site in your niche -- better get started!




  1. Dette ER Jeg Helt enig i, og behovet for å benytte SEG Flere av diktsamlingen, tid menn Det tar opg em bløir nikket for Å prioritere Hva no velder.

  2. Takk for deling av poengene.

    Thanks for sharing your views Sir.

    Yes, you are right, one needs to collect his strengths and time then devote it in a proper direction to get a blend of success.

    With the outreach of internet almost everywhere, you are sure to hit that.

    Ha en flott tid Knut. :)

  3. Syed,

    Great and useful information.
    QUESTION: Would I need to have my web site up and running BEFORE I write an article?

    Thanks again for the info.


  4. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for putting up that question.

    The answer is: It depends. It depends on your needs.

    1. If you are using the Direct Landing Page method to get leads, then you can try the Article Directories like,,,, Hubpages, etc.. You can simply use the trick of anchor text in the Articles and the Link in the Author BIO to Promote your Business link.

    2. And if you are looking for a more effective way of generating leads, a website containing your Articles with a lead catching panel will work great.

    I hope it resolves your concerns.



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