Entrepreneurship Education through Digital & Social Media: EOP - IIE Social Media Simplify Entrepreneurship Education through Digital & Social Media: EOP - IIE Social Media Simplify

26 January, 2015

Entrepreneurship Education through Digital & Social Media: EOP - IIE

At the top of Digital and Social Media usage and adoption, Indian youths (by now) gradually has acquired the synchronous pace with rest of the world. Yet, the full-grown face of digital literacy is a distant dream in India. Blame it on whatever the source one can think of, we are really short on the (truely) skilled manpower in every field.

GOI's recent moves to spread the digital literacy, ranging from NDLM (National Digital Literacy Mission) to e-inclusion look really promising; but at the same time, with our second largest population in the world, we can simply assess that how big a task is this going to be! So, there comes the responsibility of the organizations operating either at the state level or at the national/international level or at the both to come forward with their own share they owe towards the society. In simple terms, we call it CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Pic Credit: skilldevelopment.gov.in

Under a similar endeavour of CSR, OIL (Oil India Limited) comes forward with the project Swabalamban. This ambitious project aims to help a large number of unemployed youths from OIL's operating areas to gain employment and push an overall socio-economic development for the society so concerned.

I personally believe "If you cannot feed'em fish, teach'em to fish"!

So, under the inititives of SWABALAMBAN, Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship conducts a series of programes ranging from EOP (Entrepreneurtship Orientation Program) to EAP (Entrepreneurtship Awareness Program). You may follow this LINK for a little detail on the MoU with IIE and rest of the cooperation from IIE.

Under EOP, college and school teachers are being encouraged and prepared to create the entrepreneurial zeal/enthu within the students they are in touch with. The following slide is from a recent EOP session that I delivered on the usage and effects of digital & social media in an entrepreneurial context.

This special session of one and a half hour starts with the importance of digital & social media in today's entrepreneurial context. With a certain set of activities, the session is designed to empower each of the participants irrespective of their current level of digital & social media knowledge and usage.


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