17 March, 2014

17 Steps to an Exploding Facebook Contest

How to have an exploding Facebook contest?

In the age of social advocacy, contests are the best ways to gather such social advocates conveniently. Facebook contests have always been an eye-candy for not only the social media marketers, but also the seasonal online marketers who utilize FB.

Now, here're the 17 steps in infographics that you need to have an exploding Facebook contest irrespective of the products/services you would be using it for:

06 February, 2014

Your Dream Job through Social Media: The Ultimate Guide

Finding the perfect job or say your dream job is not that dream easy, you know. But utilizing social media to market yourself is the definitely best way in today's connected world to enhance your chances. As I wrote in my previous article/slide http://www.socialmediasimplify.com/2013/03/social-media-and-job-you-want.html never put yourself into a static point of job search, rather try to be as much dynamic as possible.

And if you are really eager to know 'How to get into it?', I would simply suggest you all the job aspirants to go through the following infographic published by Ciphr recently:

08 December, 2013

Social Media in 2014: 5 Trends & Predictions

With all the goodness, social media in 2014 will definitely be there in the regime of digital media with a newer dimension than ever before. With the decreased level of online interest span, the rise of social media platforms and apps that emphasise more on quicker circulation, images, videos and news centric contents will definitely see a boost in 2014.

1.       An era of news centric contents:

20 November, 2013

4 Proofs that Micro-Social Network is a Pain in Face for Mainstream Social Media

In 2014, robust use of the micro-social networks will definitely be one of the prominent social media trends if the usage continues to grow at the current pace. As I wrote in my previous article, OTT service providers would be on top contributing to the rise of the micro-social networks.

Source: WorldOfCEOs

BYOD making it to the acceptable levels of organizational penetration, human beings almost everywhere are becoming more of a dependent on their smartphones. At such an hour, it is obvious that anything mobile gets noticed easily and earlier than most of their mainstream counterparts.

The mainstream social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G+ etc. feels the heat of the rise of the micro-social networking very well. So, here’re the 4 solid points to prove that micro-social networking is a pain in face for the biggies in rule.

30 August, 2013

Micro Social Networking: Is This The Future of Social Media?

Call it a phase, despite enhanced privacy features now we hate sharing personal stuffs on Facebook but not on a platform enabling a direct one to one interaction to the closed ones. Most of us even hate leaving a direct message on someone’s FB wall or even a direct tweet unless a moment of psychological pat/aid (e.g. birthday, a surgery etc.) is in place.

Source: Line website

09 July, 2013

Facebook Graph Search: Search and Protect Yourself

In the month of January this year, Facebook announced a revamped search version named 'Graph Search'. And it was on a limited beta test period with availability to a selected users across States and the globe with US English as their FB preferred language. Gladly, I was one of them and enjoyed it a lot. Along with the beauty of Facebook graph search, I also noticed a few things in this feature that literally gave me goosebumps.

Actually, Facebook graph search would allow one to see specific information about his/her friends using its set filters. And that puts one on a cautionary note to set his privacy settings properly.

So, with the global roll-out of this feature today onward (for those using Facebook in US English only), wanted to share some the stuffs you need to be cautious about to protect yourself from unwanted search on this platform.

As Facebook says, the beauty of this graph search lies in:

26 May, 2013

5 Social Media Stories This Week (26th May, 2013)

Top social media stories this week varied from a range of acquisition to geographical delays in rolling out  features by social platforms.

To name Google I/O event, Yahoo's Tumblr acquisition for $1.1 billion, Salesforce acquiring Clipboard, Facebook's delay in launching home for Europe etc. are few of these stories.

Among these, I found the following 5 interesting:

1. A Social Network for Parking Spots:
Social network indeed is/can be for everything. The addition of a new networking platform for parking spots just proves that. ParkTag, is the social networking platform that helps finding a parking place. This app applies the game theory very well and each user gets point based bonus on each tag on parking spaces.

05 May, 2013

Best/Top of Social Media News/Stories This Week (5th May, 13)

Talking about the top social media stories this week, stories like 'Facebook blocks Path's ability to access 'find friends' function as it violated FB's platform policy', 'today on 5th May, 2013 Linkedin turns 10', 'availability of a YouTube app for Google Glass', 'new tag feature by Instagram' etc. add to the list.

Out of these bagful stories, I found the following few interesting. Hope you would enjoy'em as well.

Credit: S. Kenwright

27 April, 2013

Best of Social Media News/Stories This Week

Starting with the hack of Associated Press's twitter handle which ultimately led to a momentary crash in NASDAQ, to all new Linkedin Contacts, Facebook buying Parse, Pinterest on Nook tablets are some of the top happenings from best of social media world this week.

Among them, these 8 (as below) have caught my attention as a social media strategist and so putting them up as best social media stories I read/heard/learnt this week.

14 March, 2013

Facebook Gifts: Thumbs Up or Down?

Sending a real gift to your friends on Facebook is now a possibility. With that previously rolled out Facebook Card, now one can actually send real gifts to friends on Facebook. Facebook Gift

As Facebook says - now you can "Buy real gifts for friends to celebrate birthdays, new jobs and other big moments. Just pick out the perfect gift, add your message and it’s ready to ship". And YES, you don't need to mention any address, the receiver can add at his own, saving both of the parties of  privacy concerns.

05 March, 2013

Recent Development in Facebook: The Facebook Card

Facebook Card is the new buzz; So are you in?

It could be soon seen in your wallet, yes, in your wallet. Introduced on 31st January, 2013, Facebook Card is gonna be the next super-hit idea from FB.

And the Social Graph Search, introduced in January 2013, has already stirred the scene of the search in the worldwide web arena. Whatever comes to your mind, just search it out and get some great results in and within Facebook.

In case you haven't used the social graph search, just visit https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch and click on that try graph search button. Well, you would experience a whole new look with all the notifications, messages and friend requests on right just by the side of the settings.

Back to point, With Facebook Card, you might feel that indeed FB is coming more into your offline line/life. :)

Source: Facebook

02 March, 2013

Social Media and the JOB you want

Using social media to find your dream job (or any job). Workshop presentation from JEC (Jorhat Engineering College) today.

Social Media and the JOB you want from Syed M Raza

From the workshop conducted by Social Media Club - Assam for the students of Jorhat Engineering College, Jorhat, Assam.


17 October, 2012

Game Theory and Social Media

Have you ever felt the excitement of earning a new badge in foursquare? Don’t you feel lucky when you take a look at those retired badges you’ve earned on foursquare?


05 October, 2012

Job Seekers and Students - A Little Social Media for You Again

Social media being around for almost 7 years, with its profound impact, has touched the job sector very well. Hiring through social media platforms has become a reality today.


To crack the softest nut a buck harder, every (so called or self-proclaimed*) social media specialist you come across will sure talk a lot about using social media to find a new new job, while they are still unsure finding one for themselves. It's rare that someone talks about the point of relationships, which is crucial to any presence on any social media platform irrespective of the use intended for.

19 September, 2012

Basic Social Media for Photographers [Slide]

One of the most creative creatures on Earth is a photographer. They not only capture a frame, but capture a story. A story garnering a self-life, giving an ultimate exposure to the photographer. And when it is combined with the goodness of social media, such a story is capable of becoming the next online sensation like the pictures from Occupy protests and those included in various lists like the Reuters one here.

Here's a presentation (click Continue Reading) where I tried my best to brief the social media use from a photographer's perspective.

06 September, 2012

Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic: Bad News or a Good One?

Hooting best to its endeavor, the leading Social Media dashboard Hootsuite acquires Seesmic.

Seesmic was the 2nd best social media dashboard so far just after Hootsuite.

With most of the similar services cutting out their free services (under freemium policy), this acquisition indicates a blurred future of such free services (at-least for the users).

14 July, 2012

CocaCola Vs. Pepsi on Twitter #Infographics

Beverage brands, namely CocaCola and Pepsi, are continuing their usual clash on ads and even on twitter! 

Here's an honest comparison of the twitter presence of these two giants through infographics. Thanks to Visual.ly

Data considered is from June 15th to July 15th 2012.

07 June, 2012

C’mon Twitter, You are Not Just a Bird: The New Twitter Logo

Remember that launch of the ACTIVITY tab by Twitter in the month of October last year? Yes, that was a pure insane move by our beloved blue bird. Now, here comes another one – The New Twitter Logo.

On June 6th, Twitter revamped and reintroduced its logo naming it as the simplified Twitter bird. The blog post assisting the introduction of the revamped logo says – Twitter is the bird, the bird is twitter.

It also mentions that there is no place for text to represent twitter, no bubbled typefaces, or not even a lowercase “t” to represent Twitter. It’s just the bird. (Oh, really?)

03 June, 2012

5 Basic Things to Start Your Brand Page (In visuals)

It’s been already around 4 months that Facebook has introduced changes to its pages and timeline. And if you search the net, thousands of articles are there to help you finding the basic things required to start your Brand Page, despite the fact that FB already has its own resources like Tour, Help Centre, Learning Video, Page Product Guide.

This article simply aims to present the 5 basic things to help you getting your FB brand page done and running:

09 March, 2012

Latest Twitter Developments: Changes that Bring Twitter Closer…

As the head of Twitter API, Ryan Sarver says - Twitter team always wants to focus on the simplicity. Keeping pace with which it has always come out with some great changes and developments from time to time.

Latest Twitter Developments

In the following paragraphs you will find some of the latest Twitter developments, capable of shaking all of
your twitter marketing strategies so far and followed by a few tips to make the best use of these changes.

08 February, 2012

Latest Changes in Facebook Photo Viewer

Facebook photos are now much bigger and way better than earlier. Facebook today rolled out its latest photo viewer with Google+ like features. (It) seems like the testing that FB was doing in the month of Jan 2012 with 3 modules has finally yielded something that again positions FB as a keen learner of Google+ movements.

Latest Facebook Photo viewer changes

The FB Photo Journey: 
Since the launch in 2005, Facebook Photo platform has been through tremendous changes. Way back in 2007, there were 1.7 billion user uploaded photos, 60+ million photos were added every week and 100,000+ images were served per second during the peak traffic hours.

07 February, 2012

How to Create an Internal Social Media Policy?

As I wrote in my last Article, irrespective of the type whether it’s a ‘Floating’ or ‘Fixed’ every social media policy should be propelled through a filtered process of certain steps to ensure the best yield.

Internal Social Media Policy

Just like any other policy, the end goal of a social media policy for an organization is simply to decipher the common guidelines to save a bigger (interested/involved) mass from any diabolical, unethical, illegal representation by a smaller mass involved within.