5 Basic Things to Start Your Brand Page (In visuals) Social Media Simplify 5 Basic Things to Start Your Brand Page (In visuals) Social Media Simplify

03 June, 2012

5 Basic Things to Start Your Brand Page (In visuals)

It’s been already around 4 months that Facebook has introduced changes to its pages and timeline. And if you search the net, thousands of articles are there to help you finding the basic things required to start your Brand Page, despite the fact that FB already has its own resources like Tour, Help Centre, Learning Video, Page Product Guide.

This article simply aims to present the 5 basic things to help you getting your FB brand page done and running:

    1. Cover Image and the Profile Picture:

Expressing your brand identity is the greatest possibility through the Cover Image. But there are certain factors to be aware of:

A. Size:  Cover image size is 851 X 315 pixels,

B. Content: Cannot promote offers and discounts and other stuffs such as email, web address or mailing addresses. But you can consider outlining the beneficial USPs just as in https://www.facebook.com/Evolven

C. Consider something from your brand that appeals at large.

Picture Image is the next image to utilize at its best:

A.      Size: 180 X 180 pixels,

B.      Content: Consider your brand logo.

     2The Top Portion:

The top portion just below the cover image is now the space for About, page Photos, Apps and Likes counter. With the introduction of timeline for pages, Facebook landing pages are moving away. They are there but no more the landing tabs as earlier. And all these can be seen/ experienced under this top portion. It can contain up to 12 Apps.

So, if you had your YouTube tab earlier as your landing tab, it is no more the same; but it can be found under that top portion as an app. You can change the order of appearance of the apps under that tab as per your choice.

Don’t forget to make the ultimate use of that ‘About’ tab. A description within 170 characters is the best thing to display in that area. Don’t forget to put your link – It’s clickable there. E.g: https://www.facebook.com/SocialMediaSupport

      3Feature option and Admin Panel :

The feature options below are sure-shots towards a higher level of engagement from your Facebook brand page:

A. Pinned Post:  Now promoting an offer or a new release to get a larger impact is easier with the introduction of ‘Pin It to the Top’ featured option. You can pin a post of your choice as an anchor on top.

B. Star & Hide: Important stories/updates can be highlighted with the star icon present in each of the post you publish on the page.

C. Larger Stories: Photos and videos in posts are larger than earlier.

D. Milestones: Utilize the ‘Milestone’ to showcase your important achievements and even the date your brand came into being.

E. Change the Date: If somehow you wanted to change the date of a published post, now you can.

For the rest of the options like settings, banning users from your page, inviting friends, creating ad directly from the page etc. can be found under the Admin Panel on the top.

Your likes from your brand page and what others say about your page on Facebook appears on the right top, just below the friends counter. And you have the power to customize the posts to appear on that portion as per your choice by using the options ‘highlighted on page’, ‘allowed on page’, ‘hidden from page’, ‘delete or repost/mark as spam’.

4. New Admin Roles:

Recently Facebook has introduced the new set of admin roles defining specific roles based on differentiation of roles & duties. Now you can live on Facebook without the fear of your agency deleting or altering the page.

The infographic on Facebook Admin Roles from SocialBakers (as below) would help you in understanding these new roles much better:

5. Checklist: Here’s a check-list from Facebook to get best out of the latest changes in a Facebook pages.

There is one more tool you should take control of, and it is the page messaging feature. 



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