Latest Twitter Developments: Changes that Bring Twitter Closer… Social Media Simplify Latest Twitter Developments: Changes that Bring Twitter Closer… Social Media Simplify

09 March, 2012

Latest Twitter Developments: Changes that Bring Twitter Closer…

As the head of Twitter API, Ryan Sarver says - Twitter team always wants to focus on the simplicity. Keeping pace with which it has always come out with some great changes and developments from time to time.

Latest Twitter Developments

In the following paragraphs you will find some of the latest Twitter developments, capable of shaking all of
your twitter marketing strategies so far and followed by a few tips to make the best use of these changes.

1) Better Navigation:

The Navigation part of Twitter has become way easier and informative than earlier. First, the main navigation portion has been shifted to the extreme left position, earlier it was in the right side of the page with less to define who acts how. Trending topics on the left look quite good than earlier. One can now easily get all the information about an update by simply placing the cursor above the tweet. Now, one can actually see the number of retweets and replies on a tweet and thus can join a conversation at any time s/he wants.

Discover Twitter
Img: Twitter Developments

2) Discover:

The new Discover part added in Twitter is a great way to find contents and stories within specific interest levels or niche one is concerned with. The interest search helps a lot in getting the best results as per one’s requirement. Give it a try either with a #tag or without.

3) Who to Follow: 

The ‘who to follow’ option helps in getting in touch with the best matched people within a domain in particular.  Getting updates on topics of interest has now become a one click option with the introduction of this advanced suggestion along with repositioned players like ‘find friends’ and ‘browse categories’.

4) Brand Pages:

This feature launched in December 2011 is a great way to create an impact as a brand on Twitter. Initially, it was opened only for 21 brands (most probably as an experimental tool), but very soon it has acquired the shape of a wide acclaimed platform for all. In a brand page, one can show some of the best/important tweets on the top, which helps in getting visibility to those tweets for a good amount of time.

Using a banner slot in the brand page right below the account information is the next big thing to mention as an advantage in a brand page. One can use this place just like a traditional banner or try it creatively to make some direct sales. Along with the banner the tagline in a branded page is the next big thing that one can show up very prominently.

5) Embeddable Tweets:

The embeddable Tweets feature has become a great plus point for the users, especially for the bloggers. With this latest twitter development, anybody can get connected to the tweets so concerned. The tweets shown/embeded on a web page has the power to connect to everything else. People can directly make connection with the tweets shown on such a page. And with this retweeting, following a person etc. has become much easier than ever before.

6) Twitter Ad for Small Businesses: 

Twitter’s global ad revenue is supposed to touch a level of $259.9 million by the end of this year as per the data from eMarketer. And with the introduction of Twitter Ad for small businesses in US through American Express, this projection sounds perfectly OK.

Twitter small business graphic
Img: Twitter Ad with Amex

On February 17th, Twitter announced that “American Express Card-members and merchants based in the U.S. will be invited to try this new advertising solution before anyone else, and American Express will give $100 in free advertising to the first 10,000 eligible businesses to sign up”. With this addition one can easily experience the Twitter ad services simply by visiting and registering at

Few more changes like the introduction of the new Twitter apps for iPhone and android, acquisition of TweetDeck were also there meant to provide a greater liberty while using Twitter.

The latest Twitter developments are just a few to mention when we talk about the ‘change’ that every social networking giant adopts.


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