C’mon Twitter, You are Not Just a Bird: The New Twitter Logo Social Media Simplify C’mon Twitter, You are Not Just a Bird: The New Twitter Logo Social Media Simplify

07 June, 2012

C’mon Twitter, You are Not Just a Bird: The New Twitter Logo

Remember that launch of the ACTIVITY tab by Twitter in the month of October last year? Yes, that was a pure insane move by our beloved blue bird. Now, here comes another one – The New Twitter Logo.

On June 6th, Twitter revamped and reintroduced its logo naming it as the simplified Twitter bird. The blog post assisting the introduction of the revamped logo says – Twitter is the bird, the bird is twitter.

It also mentions that there is no place for text to represent twitter, no bubbled typefaces, or not even a lowercase “t” to represent Twitter. It’s just the bird. (Oh, really?)

In Twitter’s own words, the new logo comes out of love for ornithology, creative design constraints and some geometry. God knows how much care we tweeps have for these ornithology or geometry!

The Fail:
Change is good, but we have to stick to the point “How Much”. And that’s the point where Twitter is going insane this time. The change they are introducing is definitely not to cost much if we consider it purely from the angle of change in design. But for a user obsessed with this chirpy, obviously this unrecognizable new avatar is something to give a damn uncomforting sensation. For example – I was on Hootsuite when I first saw the changed logo on the streams. My first reaction was to blame Hootsuite for using such an unpleasant logo. But then I realized - Hey blue bird is changing its feathers.

Last time when Twitter had its logo revamped they ran a proper story and that was an ultimate respect towards the users. But this time (and even during the launch of activity tab earlier) Twitter showed no respect to its users.

The accompanying guidelines on what not to do while using Twitter logo is again a disappointment. For a brand like Twitter, I don’t think they can play like monarchs and make orders for common people to follow without questioning. Somehow, it gives us a legit point to think that the blue bird is losing its mind as it is taking very higher leaps into the sky of unknown ahead.

A Note to my Beloved Bird:
We need you blue bird, but hey please don’t be the bird that we have to hate/fear. Remember you also took a very big leap when you decided to abide by country specific governments blaming something like freedom of speech.

May the blue bird flies higher and safer and also does remember that it’s NOT just a bird!



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