Now it’s time for the Facebook SEND button Social Media Simplify Now it’s time for the Facebook SEND button Social Media Simplify

26 April, 2011

Now it’s time for the Facebook SEND button

Facebook, the largest social networking platform with a user base of around 600 million people worldwide, now introduces the SEND button to its bounty of utility buttons. First came the share button, then the Facebook Like button and now we are about to experience the SEND button.

What is a SEND button?
Elliot Lynde, the Facebook software engineer, while writing about FB groups on April 26th, 2011 mentioned it for the first time as “In addition to the other new group features, we're also introducing the Send button”. 

The official announcement of the SEND button says it to be specifically meant for the contents that FB users want to share with a few specific and certain people from their friends’ list. So, this Send button is thronged in a way to give the users the power to share privately with certain groups and individuals of their choice.

In a simple language, this SEND button is nothing but a modified version of the previous FB share button. The only difference lies in the fact that SEND button comes with only one option of privately sharing and the share button already had it in two different forms (i.e. ‘Send As A Message’ and ‘Post to Profile’ - as in the pics below).

How to install a SEND button?

Installing a Facebook SEND button is as simple as installing the LIKE button. 

1. Go to the link
2. Paste your URL you want to make the send button for,
3. Customize it as per your requirements,
4. Extract the code in XFBML,
5. Paste it to your desired place. 

That’s all it takes.

How much credibility does the SEND button bear?
To be honest, Facebook send button is just a hyped version of the earlier share button. Yet with its only function-ability of sharing privately makes it a demand of the hour, especially with the contraction of private spaces due to the extended levels of social networking and other cumulative online factors.

What kind of change Facebook SEND button will bring?
In near future, it will totally dilute the use of SHARE buttons. The important aspect of using Facebook mails for sending link will be decreased to a reasonable level by this newly introduced SND button, which is really good news for the Facebook mail lovers. It seems like something aimed at lowering FB mail spams.

Why Facebook has come up with this SEND button?
As we all know, Facebook is here because it changes with trends. Not to mention, sometime Facebook itself is a trend setter among online masses. So, bringing another change with the rise in the concerns for private space over net is first reason for the send button.

If you really enjoyed my post, now you may use the SEND button above and share it with your private circle. 
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  1. In todays word consumers are looking for faster things so sending mail was not a great option with SHARE and as you said FB is a trend setter so here we are with SEND button. We like it as at-least privacy is being considered in Facebook :)


  2. I had trouble installing the send button because I already had the like button. Now I only have the Add This widget.

  3. @LHInsights - Yes, FB with its SEND button is going to set under trend.

    @Pundit - Having the 'add this' button is not a bad option. Only thing I personally dislike is the mention they make in twitter e.g. - via @addthis

  4. @Syed: See, I knew I'd read the blog and left a comment before. I usually delete that before publishing.


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