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23 April, 2011

To Talk or Not is NOT an Option in Social Media

In Social Media you never have the choice in between ‘to talk’ or ‘not to’, because you always need a ‘talk to’ policy and that is the essence of being social. So, the point of evolution of this so called prerequisite or option of being social is the theme of this article.

Why Social Media has this only option (I) named ‘Talk to’?

Considering the definition of Social Media as the media or the contents generated by the users to interact socially, we can easily sense the ‘talk to’ part.

The simplest reason behind the evolution of social media is our basic need to connect with other people as a social being and as a part of the society. And as R. M. Maclver said - society is a web of relationships, we must create those relationships in order to become social. But here comes a question can the relationship between a cigarette and smoke, the relationship between keyboard and the written words be called a social relationship? Well, answer is straight and simple NO because it lacks the physical awareness of the presence of each other. Same is the case with our presence in social media. Only contents and the process of becoming friends through social networking cannot create a relation and hence cannot make it social, simply because it lacks the physical awareness of the presence of others. Thus a social relationship on social media is the reciprocal awareness of each other on the concerned medium.

Remember, social media is just a medium; it’s only you who should be aware of the presence of others on social media or make others aware of your presence on the same. Nothing else than an interaction can make this mutual awareness better, and hence we can say Social Media has only one option named ‘talk to’.

So, what it takes to move forward with a ‘talk to’ policy? 

The term social media might not be that decade old and the field itself not of an age more than 6 years, but it never means that one can do trial & error efforts or use it as a testing lab. Social media indeed requires a solid plan of interaction to proceed with. Without such a forehand strategic plan, one might face the situations of reputation decay and faith loss among the target masses in a long run. And this ‘talk to’ option is indeed the basic requirement of each and every social media strategy.

Well, to be honest, it takes nothing more than a few words of a good interaction. Now, to clarify more distinctly, this interaction may be or may not be related to your interests, business or to the cause of your social media presence. It might be anything, ranging from your interests to even your dislikes. And best part of this ‘talk to’ option is that you may speak your mind either in favor or against the topic of the interaction depending upon the level of your involvement.

I could write another 400 words to say so many things about this social media talk to option, but it will go vague unless and until I can make it an interactive discussion. So, please do let me know whether you feel the presence of this ‘talk to’ option is a top priority or not!

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