After MySpace, Now Friendster is Feeling the Facebook Heat! Social Media Simplify After MySpace, Now Friendster is Feeling the Facebook Heat! Social Media Simplify

30 April, 2011

After MySpace, Now Friendster is Feeling the Facebook Heat!

You might remember the notes on rise few months back when MySpace revamped its model and the format. The inability to cope the Facebook heat has compelled MySpace to change its business and overall model. And after MySpace, now it’s time for the oldest social networking platform Friendster to feel that Facebook heat.

Friendster, which was launched in 2002, attracted many people to its networking platform over the years. Friendster was there in the social networking arena much before MySpace and Facebook came into being. Say, it was the egg before the chickens came out. Even now, according to Wikipedia’s Friendster page, it possesses a huge user base of 8.2 million people worldwide.

On a critical consideration, anyone can see the difference of user-bases and the growth factors among Facebook in its 7 years and Friendster in its 9 years. Friendster could be in a place that no one possibly could ever think of. It was even named as one of the considerable hot property by New York Times in the year 2006. But it certainly failed to maintain that heat and reached the current state of remodeling.

So, what is the reason?
Why is Friendster revamping? And importantly, why couldn’t it maintain the pace it had once upon a time?

The answer is simple, it is the CHANGE that other social networking platforms either has changed with or brought in. And Friendster has failed to cope up with the changes. It has failed to target as well as create the trends of social networking. On the other hand, Facebook is the most successful trendsetter with its never ending changes. From peer networking to the FB send button, Facebook has always stressed upon the changes and the needs of networking and has introduced its revolutionary products and models from time to time accordingly.

Now What?
According to Friendster’s latest updates, they are bringing changes that will enable its users to create new profiles to connect at a different angle with their friends and peers. Friendster further adds that these changes will empower the user to do things in a totally different way than the other social networking platforms and will complement his presence on other social networking sites.  

In this update it says not to tamper the friends list, basic profile information, wallets and the games of the users. But in the next one, it mentions that all the photos, comments, messages, blogs, testimonials, shout-outs, groups and forums would be gone by 31st May, 2011.

The Best Social Part of this revamping:
If somehow you have some special memories and moments in the form of blogs, pictures or any other private data in Friendster, don’t feel sad, you can still have them. By using the special app that is available till 31st May, 2011 you can export all those data to a safer place. And in my personal opinion this is the best social part Friendster has maintained. You can export your data using this app at

What to Expect Next?
If all goes well, we can expect a newer Friendster that would specialize in social gaming, content distribution and the experience of fast foods with the micro payment processing systems from its parent company MOL.

In case it fails to stick to its basic objective, it will be another history just like Orkut and would be limited to a few selective masses.



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