Tweeting up the wrong tree: 10 Things Not to Do on Twitter Social Media Simplify Tweeting up the wrong tree: 10 Things Not to Do on Twitter Social Media Simplify

20 July, 2010

Tweeting up the wrong tree: 10 Things Not to Do on Twitter


Starting as a small micro-blogging tool, Twitter has now become one of the most popular social media platforms of this century.

With its ever growing popularity and use, it is also bringing a threat of being unwatched to its users. There are millions of users who are sharing their thoughts through tweets every second. So, probability of your updates to be watched has fallen sharply down. There are hundreds of tips which you can apply to acquire more followers. But it is immensely required that you know the things that should be avoided while using twitter. Use of Twitter with these don’ts would definitely Simplify your Social Media presence.

Let’s discuss the points which you shouldn’t try with your Twitter account, as below:

1. Account:
Try to avoid using underscores or numbers in your username. Research shows that people with underscore and numbers in their username always have fewer followers compared to the others.


2. Avatar:
Whenever you tweet, a small size picture appears near your tweets, that’s your twitter profile picture. Most people will recognize you from this picture. Don’t change this picture frequently or don’t use any abusive one for this purpose. For personal accounts a good quality head shot photo is preferable. For company account your company logo will do best. Missing this point means missing your grounds on face value and credibility.

3. Bio:
While creating your account you have to fill an option called “Bio” where you need to describe who you are. People with proper bios have far more followers than one with none. So, don’t omit this section, write the best bio you can or take help of any Social Media simplifier or consultant.

4. Background:
You can design and upload an image for the background of your twitter account page. Since these background images are not clickable, so it can become frustrating especially to some new users. So, it is advised that you avoid showing clutters of information on your background image. A simple link either to your business page or regular blog is the best thing to stick to.

5. Following:
It is a fact that in order to be more influential you need more followers. But acquiring huge bunch of followers ‘overnight’ will do no good to your business. So, there is no need of adapting any haphazard application which can provide you mass followers overnight. Rather stick to those which can provide you some legitimate and targeted followers in an acceptable time frame.

6. Tweets:
There are lots of applications to automate your tweets, DMs and replies. You should avoid the exaggerated use of these applications for all of your tweets and be a human being. Be original in your tweet writing. And if you are copying something from the net then just try to have a creative angle of your own.

Retweet is an option which can spread your tweets virally. Asking for retweet in a moderate manner is very much acceptable, but don’t ask for a retweet every time.

8. Direct Messages:
Direct messages are simply the private messages of Twitter. Many web tools are available which set auto-DMs generally containing a greeting or a link to your website. Most Twitter users find it as annoying and generally avoid them. So, don’t use this auto messaging too much. And if you prefer to do so then simply change that writing of DM frequently. Otherwise you would look like a spammer only.

9. # Hash-tags:
To unite the ideas or conversations in a cohesive stream, people use the Hash-tags (use of # sign).  Practice of abusing Hash-tags will annoy the people. It is also against the Twitter etiquette. So, avoid the impractical use of # tags and use it at a very moderate and deliberate manner.

10. Repeated posting:
It is a good sign to post regularly on Twitter.  But posting repeatedly the same tweets will do no good for you. It gives a very bad impression to post the same things repeatedly. So, to simplify your twitter experience, avoid repeat postings.

Following the above ideas will definitely help you to be a good reputation on Twitter. You must understand what your followers are expecting from you and what your limitations are. Just remember, one satisfied follower will bring ten more.

And yes, number does count in Twitter. Happy tweeting!!


  1. Hi Syed.

    This was a good article with an very good topic :)
    Keep up the good work my friend!

  2. Thanks Hasse,

    I tried to come up with the best possible DON"Ts that I have learnt working on Twitter.

    There are few more Articles to come.

    Stay tuned!!!

  3. This is an excellent article about how to use Twitter. Read it, use it and benefit from it! Syed, keep it up my friend!


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