How to be a Social Media Manager on your own?? Social Media Simplify How to be a Social Media Manager on your own?? Social Media Simplify

13 July, 2010

How to be a Social Media Manager on your own??


No sooner than you decide on being a home business entrepreneur do you realize that you got to dig into social media strategies for sustenance. Now social media activities are massive and need focused expertise. Hiring a social media manager may be the beginning, but for sure not the be all and end all of your future social media contributions.

It is really important to understand that managing a social media manager makes or mars your online success. Hiring one, sitting back and dreaming of fortunes flooding into your account isn’t a smart thing to do. As you are the best person to decide upon the direction to proceed, it is a great idea to begin your business with yourself as your social media manager. So how should you go about it?

• Choose your ground:
Familiarize yourself with the top social networking and book marking sites. Once identified, you can direct a major portion of your activities there.

• Choose your tools:
Depending upon your most frequently visited sites, choose the appropriate tool to simplify social media activities like regular postings of your progress online. For example if you have a huge following on twitter you can automate your tweeting with tools like Hootsuite or future tweets that help you to schedule your updates at regular intervals.

• Choose your strategy:
You need to learn to monitor your business website’s traffic from time to time. Gathering these statistics can be accomplished with the help of website traffic analyzers like Google analytics that give you detailed reports on the sources of your traffic, the most popular keyword searches to your site geographical diversity and density of your users, etc. Based on this data, you can fine tune your business strategies to your advantage.

• Choose your market:
Advertising your business is one time tested marketing technique. You can choose to have your ads displayed on relevant and popular websites and blogs that are related to your business products/ services.

• Choose your position:
You need to make your own business more visible to search engine giants like Google, yahoo, msn, etc which greatly simplify social media targets. Getting listed in the top search results sets your business on fire and you will have users pouring day in and day out. Simple SEO techniques applied into your web content do go a long way in getting noticed by search engines.

Being your own Social Media Consultant empowers you to steer your business the way you like it, at your own pace. Just think of what you would like a social networking consultant to do to your business, and start doing them yourself. You can begin organizing your activities in phases and taking one step at a time in order to be a successful social media manager online.

In a while you will see that by virtue of your experience and observation, you can be a full-fledged social networking consultant to your own business and handle all the required parameters!!!


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