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05 May, 2013

Best/Top of Social Media News/Stories This Week (5th May, 13)

Talking about the top social media stories this week, stories like 'Facebook blocks Path's ability to access 'find friends' function as it violated FB's platform policy', 'today on 5th May, 2013 Linkedin turns 10', 'availability of a YouTube app for Google Glass', 'new tag feature by Instagram' etc. add to the list.

Out of these bagful stories, I found the following few interesting. Hope you would enjoy'em as well.

Credit: S. Kenwright
1. Facebook stops Path from accessing 'Find Friends' function in FB integration after spam mishap. Reportedly, Path - the social networking platform for easy private sharing and messaging used the Facebook access to its users database without the consent of the users. And that truly violated Facebook's platform policy. As a result, Path lost its ability to use the 'find friends' function in their FB integration.

Calling that move by Path to popularize itself a spam act, I just wonder when would we realize that the concept of privacy is just an illusion in Facebook! Irrespective of whether you make your data private or public or part public-part private (selectively) Facebook has the access to it, remember!

Here's a storify-ed collection of interesting tweets on this SPAM act by Path named 'Path's Apathy':

2. Twitter account of E! the entertainment news outlet been hacked by Syrian Electronic Army. Here's the +Mashable post

Few of the fake headlines by the hackers after taking over @eonline twitter account:

Credit: Mashable Post

3. Finally a YouTube app to share your Google Glass videos been launched by Fullscreen. 'Independent YouTube network Fullscreen has created a YouTube app called BEAM for Google Glass that works as a Sharing Contact' says TNW.

4. Facebook continuously loses its charm across the globe. Among all the visitor drop reports, UK tops the list with a drop of 1.4 million visitors in a month, MailOnline reports. According to this source, Facebook could go MySpace way. With the rise of messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Viber etc. and the mixed reactions over privacy concerns, Facebook is definitely loosing a lot across the globe.

5. Instagram recently added 'Tag' feature. On 2nd May, 2013 Instagram launched its tagging feature, the feature that added to the early rise of Facebook. Here's the Techcrunch post on the same.

6. As per TheDailyDots report, Texas considers banning employers from Facebook snooping. Daily Dots quotes - "[A]n employer may not require or request that an employee or applicant for employment disclose a user name, password, or other means for accessing a personal account of the employee or applicant, including a personal e-mail account or a social networking website account or profile, through an electronic communication device."

So, these 6 are the top/best social media stories of the week to my eyes.

Have I missed something? Please add them to the comments below....


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