Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic: Bad News or a Good One? Social Media Simplify Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic: Bad News or a Good One? Social Media Simplify

06 September, 2012

Hootsuite Acquires Seesmic: Bad News or a Good One?

Hooting best to its endeavor, the leading Social Media dashboard Hootsuite acquires Seesmic.

Seesmic was the 2nd best social media dashboard so far just after Hootsuite.

With most of the similar services cutting out their free services (under freemium policy), this acquisition indicates a blurred future of such free services (at-least for the users).

As Hootsuite says, they had a tough competition for years. But this competition now seems to be coming to an end with this acquisition.

In case, Hootsuite decides to cut out the Seesmic free services just like Co-Tweet did a few months back, we would be left with no other option than to pay Hootsuite for the services. As an Indian, I would hate that.

Why So?

Why am I mildly opposing this acquisition? Well, it might be a good one for both the companies, but losers will ultimately be the users. 

Remember that 5 account limitation in Hootsuite! So, most of the people like me who by-passed Hootsuite's paying model with alternatives like Seesmic are in sure danger of losing some of their hard earned bucks! 

What Next?

It's a quick relief that few of the alternatives like SocialOomph are still offering a free service (as I got it in an email). But that too doesn't hold a very bright future (as they already tried to monetize their efforts).

So, in a probable next phase, Hootsuite free users might be allowed to keep those 10 social accounts (5 from Hootsuite + 5 from Seesmic). But it doesn't flush away the possibility that you would be asked to pay something for the Seesmic accounts. 

Be it so, Be Ready to Pay!


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