The Worldwide Introduction of Facebook Timeline and A Few Concerns Social Media Simplify The Worldwide Introduction of Facebook Timeline and A Few Concerns Social Media Simplify

15 December, 2011

The Worldwide Introduction of Facebook Timeline and A Few Concerns

Few hours back, Facebook has introduced the much awaited 'Timeline' publicly and worldwide. Earlier it was available to a few of the Facebook developers and to the people who tricked it out through their own kinda researches on the internet.

How to get your Facebook Timeline?

To get this much hyped 'TIMELINE' just go to and click that 'get it now' blue colored button. In case, if you have registered/signed up for this Facebook timeline earlier through you may also get that blue colored "get it now" button on your profile. Click that and customize your profile the way you want it to be.

For the one concerned with the Privacy & Security:

Facebook Timeline, under its feature "Activity Log", allows you to adjust privacy of a post/activity, change date, add location, review it, feature or hide it (on timeline) or even delete it as per your requirement. And these steps apply to all of your posts or activities that you have on your profile from the day you joined Facebook.

This new feature also allows you to adjust the publishing rights of any of the apps you are using on Facebook.

The best (or worst) thing that Facebook Timeline publicly offers:

There is a feature that FB timeline publicly offers and it is the feature where you can review your timeline for a period of 7 days. You can decide to to air your timeline anytime you want within these 7 days. If you don't, then it will simply (better say automatically) get aired after 7 days.

Latest FB timeline announcements might sound interesting to all the die hard fans of Facebook, but on a sideline it empowers the critics to negatively circle around those 7 days of time period it bears. Better it could endue users to air on will rather automatic after 7 days.

Showcasing all of you:

There is a point to be aware of the fact that if you don't control your Timeline in a secured and proper way, you would be exposing more of you. So, it's better to be little extra cautious while publishing on your Facebook timeline.

Few More:

There are few more things that rose the eyebrows of many who already tasted this 'timeline' through their developer accounts. The biggest drawback it ever holds is the fact that you can't SWITCH BACK to old Facebook once you are up with the timeline. And honestly a search on "How to deactivate or disable Facebook timeline?" or "How to switch back to the old Facebook?" would simply return you a sheer disappointment, as Facebook hasn't introduced anything to switch back to the old profile mode.

For the time being just go to and enjoy this new beauty (or beast).


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