Social Search: The Idea & Differences Beyond Regular Search Social Media Simplify Social Search: The Idea & Differences Beyond Regular Search Social Media Simplify

18 July, 2011

Social Search: The Idea & Differences Beyond Regular Search

Search, nowadays, has assumed different proportions, meanings and dimensions. Almost every field today is becoming more and more specific and specialized with more stress on minute details and hence raising the standards related to each and every search done on it.

On the other hand, the Social Search has made the whole idea of searching a diverse and most dynamic one with the searchable social contents. Depending upon the need, social search can do wonders wherever applied.

The social search engines serve the greatest purpose of measuring the amplification of certain social media campaigns and personal contents in general as well.

The latest social search service reported by is Microsoft’s Tulalip. This search service is reported to carry the breed of the search-ability brewed for a proper share.

Now let’s have a look at some of the most popular social search engines:

. Google Social Search It’s good for you as it collects data from your friend circle. It does not require a rocket science to understand that you share interests, hobbies and choices with your friends. So Google search makes use of this trend. It brings in results which are tinted by your social contacts and inspired by your previous searching sprees. Here’s the video to give you the exact idea of the Google Social Search: 

  • Gravee: Gravee is also well recommended social search engine. But it’s totally different from Google as it is deprived from the achievements and privileges that google enjoy. In order to make your search hassle free you have to put in a bit effort here. You have to make profile and use the voting system which will subsequently make your search specific and focused. Yet, it is one of the most potential platforms for the customized social searches. 
  • Socialmention:  Socialmention tells you about the latest trends and make your search results social media oriented. They claim to be “Real-time social media search and analysis”. The best part of socialmention is that it detects all data you pitch into the social media and brings in the results accordingly. It’s a popular one among advanced social media users and is always user friendly. 

  • It is another must visit popular social search engine. Their mission is to connect people in a smooth and easy manner. Their interesting addition is computing offline data like white pages directory which they claim is very different from “grandma’s white pages”. 

  • You can use their dashboard on Facebook to customize your search. They offer variety of tools to personalize your search. It’s more of an engaging tool for business with the availability of data from all the desired/set social platforms. It claims to bring simplicity to the search. 

  • It accumulates the data available at diverse social networking websites and streams them into one place for you. The tag line of says – “find people organizations profiles across social media”. 

  • They claim to search around various social networking sites and come up with the relevant search results. It’s the service of people search across various social networking platforms and blogs on net. 

  • Wink is deemed as the largest people searching tool. It will procure all your friends and acquaintances like a wizard and save your time and effort. If you are looking for people with their zip codes, phone numbers and other things like websites, photos etc. give Wink a try, you would be delighted. 

  • You don’t have to go through the clumsy task of pre Google search as Whostalking will do the job for you. They have created their interface and even the brand name keeping in mind the contemporary need of connectivity and listening to people’s opinion.   

Social search helps you in filtering out the unwanted stuff that the regular search brings in. Social search is product of modern days’ quest for intelligent, specified and personalized search. Now regular search seems raw and outdated. 


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