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07 July, 2011

Facebook Video Calling and Google+ Hangout: A Comparison

Last night, Facebook introduced its latest Skype powered Video Calling feature, integrated into its chat extension. And I guess that is the surprise Zuckeberg was all talking about.

Facebook has always been the yardstick against which all upcoming social platforms including Google+ were measured. But now it’s the mighty Facebook’s turn to take the back seat and be the follower to the Google+.

The comparison between these two is taking up most of the media attention which definitely is the most expected thing to happen, so let’s start the reckless comparison one more time, but with a different point of view, YES – their video chat features: 

  • Group chat Vs. One on One: The contest is more about one on one chat Vs Group chat. Google+ hangout is about group activity as groups seem to be the quintessential social activity of Google+. Whereas Facebook video calling is one on one. It is speculated that the Facebook has taken this decision on the basis of its partner Skype’s experience. Skpye offers free one on one video calls while group calls entail charges of about $4.49/ month so this could be a reason for Skype’s decision, but Facebook experts decided to stick to their choice. As per our common experiences, one on one video chatting is often used and preferred as most of the time we are selective in our communication. There are things that we share with one friend but feel like keeping away from the other. So in personal communication one on one is mostly preferred while group video chat could be useful for business communication and pure entertainment. 
  • Google + Hangout is simply free: Google+ is often dubbed as a follower in the social networking spree but there are few initiatives which are really considered a big plus. 
Google+ hangout calls are absolutely free which is a new trend for group video calling. So if you want to have fun with group of friends online or be it a team activity Google+ hangout would definitely prove a plus over Facebook video call. 

It has also equipped user with the facility to switch to voice mode, it would definitely be a plus for the image conscious users. Now you don’t have to rush out of a conversation as you are not looking your best self instead you can simply switch the mode. So Google+ has really made an effort to make it user friendly.  

  • The Fype Element:  The Facebook Skype mating is certainly the highlight of this whole spree. The collaboration was much anticipated for Google+ but Facebook managed to bag the deal. The advantage of having an established name tagged with you is that it usually brings along the success with its package as Skype authorities recently announced that Skype would bring it PSTN voice calling to Facebook soon. . While drawing the comparison we must keep in mind that the feature has already been integrated by Google last year.  The bonding lends a familiar feel to Facebook chat which really is important to the sentimental customers like me.  The Fype( as the famous Facebook skype integration is famously known) integration  has simplified the skype application for users as now they just have to click on its icon at their Facebook window to get connected. It takes just 30 seconds for Facebook users to download it. The Fype honeymoon definitely sounds intimidating to Google+ hangout. Hangout is simple as well as you just have to click the “Start a Hangout” button to start the video call and its downloading is smooth as well. 
  • Leave a Video Message Vs. Texting:  Facebook video chat offers the simple yet interesting feature of leaving a video message for a friend who is not able to take your call. It definitely gives a human touch and personal presence to your call. While Google+ Hangout offers text chatting facility as well. YouTube streaming has made hangouts more happening as you can enjoy YouTube Videos with your hangout friends. So both have some interesting features in their kitty bags. But we can’t deny the fact that Facebook is feeling the heat this time. 

Experts call it a no comparison in terms of their different natures, but they still cannot help the temptation of comparing the mighty competitors. I would like to clinch with the stance that they will take bit more time to evolve and only then could be well compared. And for the time being, larger part of the masses is still waiting for Google+ to come alive on 31st July, 2011.

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  1. Thanks for the input Andy.
    Agreeing to your point, would like to add that from the Privacy & Security point of view Google+ is now way ahead of Facebook with its each & every option and feature. But yes, Facebook has the largest userbase and Google+ is still a no comparison to Facebook's huge userbase.

    So, in a nut shell, when Facebook is leading the wagon with the trumpet of no. of users Google+ is rocking the floor on the grounds of privacy & security.


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