How Anthony Weiner Ruined His Political Career with the Wrong Use of Social Media? Social Media Simplify How Anthony Weiner Ruined His Political Career with the Wrong Use of Social Media? Social Media Simplify

30 June, 2011

How Anthony Weiner Ruined His Political Career with the Wrong Use of Social Media?

“I am the cleverest predator in the world…. everything about me attracts you” brags Edward in the movie “Twilight” and the very same narrative fits in very well for social media.

Social media is equipped with the fatal attraction that makes everyone gravitates towards it naturally. Once you are in, the gory parts starts showing up gradually. The recent Anthony Weiner case can be quoted as an apt example of it.

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But the question arises whether it’s just the social media usage which evokes all the troubles or is it the wrong usage? The fact that we would like to reiterate is that being careful you can avoid all this trouble.

Fall from grace: US representative Anthony Weiner triggered an instant media rage when his sexually explicit Shots were tweeted. It resulted in an endless whirlpool of controversy which took the internet by storm on his name and ultimately made him resign after few days.

The blurring line between personal and public: Social media privacy issues have always been lambasted by the public and critics alike. Initially it was supposed to keep people connected and bridge all the distances that the busy modern life has created, but unfortunately it did not attain the desired result. Personal life and private stuff is everyone’s most revered possession. We always prefer to share it with people really close to us. The root of this problem is that no matter how tight your settings are once you pitch in something into social media sites they tend to find their way out like some cursed monster from a Greek myth. Same thing happened with Anthony Weiner. One thing for sure that we must learn to respect our privacy first before expecting others to do so. Social media users should draw a clear demarcation between personal and public life. It will nip the evil in the bud.

Endangering career: It has always been warned in every social media guide and blog to be careful while using social media as it could actually threaten your career. It has often been reported that politically inclined tweets or Facebook updates lead to embarrassing workplace situations and job losses. Some employers even keep a secret watch on your social media activities to keep tabs on their employees’ social and political leanings. It has really been extremely careless on Anthony Weiner’s part to tweet his sexually explicit images as being in his position the repercussions would have been really severe. Celebrities and politicians always become victim of scandals. Where it works wonder for movie star it can really play havoc in the life of a politician. It has really been suicidal attempt to publish or let publish such potentially hazardous stuff online. You really still need to learn a lot about social media Mr. Weiner.

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Let them Live: Celebrities, politicians and famous people are always more vulnerable to scandals and unwanted exposure than common people. As the scavengers of media must feed on their scandals and gossips. Therefore, technically they should be more careful than the ordinary people. Sex is no doubt the most googled word so anything related to it will no doubt blindly invite million clicks. A politician’s sex life is as personal as anybody but he must bear the brunt of his fame and power. Anthony Weiner shots started a vicious cycle of gossip, with every scavenger wanting a piece of it. Ranging from fake Twitter Ids revealing more shocking stuff to embarrassing media debates trying to identify his supposed sexual ailments.

It reminds me of the Tiger Woods scandal which devastated both his personal and professional life. I would conclude by saying that it was a sheer suicide move by Weiner which really ravaged his career which he could well avoid only by being careful at the time using that platform. But it’s too late for him.



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