Angry Birds Leaving Zynga Far Behind in the Race of Social Gaming Social Media Simplify Angry Birds Leaving Zynga Far Behind in the Race of Social Gaming Social Media Simplify

25 June, 2011

Angry Birds Leaving Zynga Far Behind in the Race of Social Gaming

While Techcrunch & CNET are reporting the Facebook user-base to reach the level of 750 millions, Social Gaming is also on parallel rise. It has gradually replaced the conventional games and assumed new importance in the modern world and that is the gaming scene under the prevalence of great social networking era now a day.

It is no more restricted to children but is engaging the adults on equal levels too.

The Concept of Social Gaming:

Where games based on Afghan War have enraged the critics, the social game era has given it a new meaning and dimension to the gaming scene.

Gaming is no more an isolated or secluded activity but it has become a social activity and climbed the platform of social networking sites like Facebook and My Space. It has transformed into a billion dollar business with every passing day experiencing new hike in the index.

Zynga’s social game:

Zynga’s social games like Farmville, Cityville, Zynga poker and Frontier Ville has proved to be an instant craze on Facebook and My Space. The success might be enormous but its span is very short and transient in the modern times.

The comparison:

There is always someone better and efficient waiting for his turn right around the corner ready to jump at the opportunity. In the social gaming sector now it is the turn for the Angry Birds to reign supreme.

The take over didn’t come as a surprise as only a successful mobile gaming can prove to be such a tough competition to a 19 billion social game like Zynga. All the omens of triumph are already showing as Angry Bird can be spotted everywhere, whether its Super Bowl ads, stuffed toys or boardgames. While Zynga is jinxed with it’s rapidly declining number of players on Facebook. 

Angry bird is going one step ahead by offering online stores where the players/followers can buy their favorite merchandise online, while Zynga is still planning for it.  Some experts were speculating on how would the solitary mobile gaming experience of Angry bird would translate into social gaming; but Angry birds proved all the speculations wrong by perfectly adapting to the social gaming arena.

The secret of Angry Bird’s success:

Rovio’s Angry Birds has also been successful in selling the virtual goods as compared to Zynga. The secret of Rovio’s success has been its advertising combined with quality. Angry bird has set new success records at mobile gaming by bringing down the average age of player to younger demographics.

Young target audience always attract sponsors more than anything. Angry Bird’s successful paid model has certainly brought it in a better position than Zynga’s free platform. Angry Bird seems to be an enterprise with a vision as they claim “to go big” and “larger than tv”. Their ambition certainly sets them apart from Zynga.

Social Gaming has targeted a void in the market, creating a new breed of gamers. People who did not consider gaming to be fun, have turned into ardent disciples. It is this new target market which has gravitated Angry Birds towards the social gaming. Angry birds’ success with mobile gaming has already earned it many anticipating gamers. They were desperately waiting for the multifaceted ventures of Angry Bird which will include social gaming too. These hard earned mobile gamers certainly make Angry Bird popular and anticipated than Zynga. 


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  2. Angry Bird is now available on Facebook at

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