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01 June, 2011

Finally Google +1 Button is Here

A moment ago Google Webmaster Central has mailed us the very new and attractive +1 code for

And we are happy to add it for the first time to this post. As Syed wrote in his earlier post on Google +1 button, whole the world considers it to be a rivalry step of being social.

Well, to quote Google Chairman Eric Schmidt hinted the social failure of Google to be his fault in the D9 conference in California. D9 brings another point to the light that Facebook’s rejection of Google as its search partner by opting for Bing brings the Schmidt words of blame acceptance.

Coming back to our point of discussion, ‘Goggle +1’ in its self-promo promises to be a very useful product in the era of social networking. They claim it to be something like a tip from someone you trust. 

But the main concern is - how does Google define that person and his presence to be trustworthy? Can we trust someone just with a blogger profile? How many of us feel connected when we see the Google profile of a friend? Does the recommendation from a person whom we don't know meet the level of buying decisions? Does Google +1 button really carry some measurable opportunity cost?

Well, every one of us knows the answers. We need something more than that to create the personal trust. We need something where we can really interact on a social level. Otherwise, there would be very less difference between a social bookmarking site button and Google + button.

So, what do you think about this button – is it really useful or Google needs to create a better social presence first for its users?

How to add Google +1 button: To add this button to your site, you may simply follow the instructions by Google itself on: or on


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