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23 November, 2010

Facebook for Magazine - But How?


Well, when it comes to your Magazine, Facebook always a plays a significant role. But, the question now is “how to use Facebook to maximize the popularity of your Magazine” or simply “How to use Facebook for your Magazine”. 

In the previous Article, I have written “Why should you use Facebook for your Magazine”. In this article, I am about to show you the best and simplified Facebook products and their uses for your Magazine/s.

1. Facebook Fan-Page:  At present, the most convenient way to promote your Magazine on Facebook is to use a page – a Fan-Page. Fan-page is one of the top most products from Facebook. Creating a meaningful and attractive Facebook page is not that tough. But, if you are expecting some overwhelming results, then it is a good decision to consult an expert in this regard. The expert can raise the level of your page by using some advanced technical skills. And, nobody can deny the fact that quality matters. 

The best Facebook fan-page practices for your Magazine are:

a) While maintaining your Facebook page, you should be careful to involve your fans as much as possible. And this can be achieved by regular updates. Try to include some interesting topics in your discussion. Automation done with tools like Hootsuite is a good idea to save time and increase the fan-engagement simultaneously. But it is always advised that you stick to your business basics while coining/discussing the topics.

b) In your page, your fans are definitely the prospective customers. And customer involvement is very crucial in this regard. Always be responsive to your clients whenever possible. Don’t forget to thank them for every single advice or action; it will strengthen the bond between your business and the customers, which will ultimately improve the health of your business in the long run.

c) FBML customization is the next big thing in a fan-page. Most of the customization and creativity of a page revolves around the standard optimization of this application. Use them to make your page more interactive. 

d) Use of other applications in tabs is now POSSIBLE ONLY in pages. They are being eliminated from personal profiles. Apps like YouTube tab, Twitter tab etc., are really very powerful to give your business a good boost through that fan-page.

e) 600 x 200 pixels is the size that can be optimized in your fan-page profile image. Leverage this size fully. Say as much as possible about your business with this picture.

f) You may also use the EVENT option to promote your Magazine. 

2. Facebook Ads: The next big product from Facebook is the Social Ad platform or Facebook Ads. It is one of the most effective types of advertising in the current scenario. 

The best Facebook Ad practices for your Magazine are:

A. To promote your Magazine, Facebook ad is a very lucrative option than the other online advertising schemes. It gives you the possibility to reach out a huge crowd by using Facebook ads and that too at a very economic rate. Compared to Google Ads like Adword and banner ads, Facebook social ads are more stern and flexible.

B. To conduct an advertising campaign in Facebook, you have to predetermine your budget. It is better to consult a Facebook expert or a Social Media professional for this campaign. Each penny does matter a lot, ain’t it so? There is no reason to let your penny go in vain. Rather, you should approach a Facebook expert.

C. There are two types of Facebook ads, viz. – PPC and PPM. One is billed per click (PPC) or hits it gets and the other is billed per thousand impressions (PPM) irrespective of the hits it gathers. You may choose the best fit one depending upon various factors like the popularity of your website, targeting for that ad, the nature of your business and some very minute and soft issues related to your business promotions.

D. Facebook Ads are effective and at the same time are the hardest nuts to crack. Facebook doesn’t accept each & every ad you want to put on. Facebook has its own standard for the approval of ads. Fix this into your mind that FB is Social Media and NOT Business Media. So, you have to be cautious while putting your Facebook ads. To simplify Facebook Ads experience, go through the tutorials for the Facebook ads and cover all the don’ts and dos present at http://www.facebook.com/Adsmarketing 

Facebook fan-page and Ads are not the only products available to be used for any magazine. There is one more product from Facebook that can simplify your social media experience in promotions; it is called Facebook Groups. 

Facebook Groups -

Popularize your Magazine at a good pace. You can create a group among the people who are directly involved with it or interested in it and make it a group effort to promote your piece. Increase the number of members simply by adding at your own choice/will.

Come with interactive group CHAT option. You can use the interactive chat option available in Group features to spread your say about the magazine. 

The Best Facebook Strategy for your Magazine: The basic strategy you should follow is to study the current trends. And at the same time, you have to be innovative in your efforts and make your work result oriented. Devote a good time to your magazine page, group & ads and also to the events you organize on FB. Conceptualize the trends and fads and implement your Facebook strategy accordingly for your magazine.

Due the ever-growing number of  user base, it is indeed a wise decision to do promotion on Facebook. Your magazine needs it; so, simply use Facebook for your magazine.



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