KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing - What and How? Social Media Simplify KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing - What and How? Social Media Simplify

19 April, 2010

KPO - Knowledge Process Outsourcing - What and How?

Knowledge Process Outsourcing: What and How  

The whole concept of Knowledge Process Outsourcing has gone very wide and international. Today it is found almost in every business across the globe.

This process involves educated and skilled employees as the main thing to produce knowledge based material outsourced to them. Here, I would like to mention LPO - Legal Process Outsourcing as the another emerging outsourcing business into the global business scenes.

With the passage of time, together with the big players, small organizations too are coming forth for being a part of this outsourcing game. Today you can also find individuals outsourcing their work load to save time and money. Internet plays a very big role in this growing trend of outsourcing business.

The basic requirement of KPO is not quantity; Its quantity with high-quality output.

What KPO business particularly is?

Generally this business is all about being involved in and preparing all kinds of knowledge related products. Especially the pieces of writing, pages and thesis that can provide one with knowledge and information are being produced in it. As only skilled hands are able to get involved and produce output in this business, they must know how to produce the specified output out of a particular material. 

Knowledge Process Outsourcing includes the works like:

1. Researching, arranging and producing market research services

2. Researching and delivering outputs on Legal Process Outsourcing

3. Providing output on investment research services and

4. Engaging in and producing patent research services

However, KPO system is not that easy as it seems to be and there are challenges at every step of this business. Every organization or the individual in this field face challenges of meeting their goals and delivering quality services with a time deadline.

Such challenges include:

A. Recruitment of highly skilled, qualified and experienced staffs. It is because these people meeting the guidelines very well. Only skilled staffs can meet the challenges of KPO coming on the way and can ensure high-quality production.

B. Equipping the staffs with proper training and skills is the next big challenge faced by every organization or individual looking for KPO.

C. Making it sure that no confidential matter and no high secret information gets leaked is an important part of KPO. Obeying the regional laws of privacy and copyright is the next big issue.

With the level of business the requirements and guidelines vary directly. Bigger organizations with big amounts of work load will definitely look for higher amount of quantity. However, at the lower level, e.g., home based business the level of quantity declines whereas the quality guidelines remain the same. 

Generally Knowledge Process Outsourcing firms that take up big projects use to distribute the whole project to its employees into different specialized areas with a particular dateline.

As the payments in this KPO field is quite clearly formatted and one derives an assured timely or a production based payment for his work, this business suits most of the workaholic people in low cost provinces.

Irrespective of the Type, Amount, Payment, involved in a knowledge based company, a proper KPO can save its most precious time and money. And this is the reason KPO and LPO along with BPO are growing very rapidly in the knowledge efficient third world countries.

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