Facebook Gifts: Thumbs Up or Down? Social Media Simplify Facebook Gifts: Thumbs Up or Down? Social Media Simplify

14 March, 2013

Facebook Gifts: Thumbs Up or Down?

Sending a real gift to your friends on Facebook is now a possibility. With that previously rolled out Facebook Card, now one can actually send real gifts to friends on Facebook. Facebook Gift

As Facebook says - now you can "Buy real gifts for friends to celebrate birthdays, new jobs and other big moments. Just pick out the perfect gift, add your message and it’s ready to ship". And YES, you don't need to mention any address, the receiver can add at his own, saving both of the parties of  privacy concerns.

What is a Facebook Gift?

FB gift is the latest mold of being social in real terms of using a social network. Getting an online gift for your near and dear ones is not a big deal, but getting your FB friend a real gift, well, it is. Again, if you are really that choosy to limit your friendship only to the closest ones in your life, Facebook gift is not that fat a deal for you. Better luck with a site like eBay.

So, Facebook gift is here to simplify the social media arena of connecting and gifting. It doesn't ask for the receiver's address and at the same time receiver can put whatever the convenient delivery address s/he prefers.

How to send a Facebook Gift?

To send a Facebook gift...

Hmm, check out this Facebook gift basic at https://www.facebook.com/help/510469902314404/

How is it associated with Facebook Card?

Clearly, without Facebook cards (Facebook Credit Gift Card and Facebook Card) you can't send a gift on Facebook.

Facebook Credit Gift cards are available at some select stores in UK, US, Canada, France and Germany. One can buy it directly for certain fixed amounts.

In case you're an Asian like me... wait on! Or you could go for Co-Branded Gift Cards from the partners like MyCard and MOL.

On the other hand, Facebook Cards are available only when you receive/get a gift/gift balance from someone. This card is free and runs totally on the oxygen that Facebook calls 'Facebook Gifts'.

Is Facebook Gift a good idea?

Yes, because:

1. One can instantly send a gift to any of his Facebook friends,

2. No address hassles, tight privacy that is,

3. Exchange or customization is possible at the receiver's end,

4. Because it's an idea from Facebook.... C'mon, FB introduces highest number of changes in a year in comparison to all the social networking websites.

No, because:

1. Somehow it is supposed to change the way we human beings like to gift,

2. It is more like transferring some cash to your friend and telling him 'buy whatever you like'....  Now, please don't expect even a damn in return :) That's not a gift dear Zucky.

3. Transaction and currency conversion rates/taxes are still not that clear. If FB gonna charge like PayPal and vary heavily in the conversion rates, you would swear NOT to use FB gifts again.

4. The refund policy is still grumpy. Facebook says to return your amount if your friend doesn't open the gift for 2 weeks, but haven't mentioned anything if there's a charge associated.

Next topic to discuss is the listing of products by businesses for Facebook Gifts. To list a product, one needs to fill that form named as Merchant Interest Form and since it is something not available publicly, we can sense a tighter control on commissions and percentages by Facebook from within.

So, what do you think... This Facebook Gift is gonna be a hit idea or a flop one? Do lemme know your concerns. Thumbs Up or Down?



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