Google+ Trending Topics vs. Twitter Trending Topics Social Media Simplify Google+ Trending Topics vs. Twitter Trending Topics Social Media Simplify

18 November, 2011

Google+ Trending Topics vs. Twitter Trending Topics

Google+ trending topics list is the latest block structured by Google that floats exactly on the “keep changing” theory of social media waves. It was added to the Google+ bounty on 17th Nov, 2011 as per the sources.

As of 18th Nov, 2011, Mashable ennobles this latest addition by Google+ as a competitive move against twitter’s trending topics, whereas considers the undeniable fact of the receding differences in between the social media giants Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Google+ Trending Topics vs. Twitter Trending Topics


1. Unlike twitter, you won’t be able to see that trending list just in your G+ home page. It is visible only after you perform a search.

2. Twitter has the option to customize the list as per your geographical preferences, whereas G+ trending list doesn’t possess any such power till the preparation this post.

3. The concept of tags (# tag in twitter, + tag in G+) is not yet available in G+ trending topics list. But honestly, G+ trending topics can give you much more than it’s twitter counterpart, as it is backed by the search giant Google. With the extended ability to search within circles or extended circles or within entire Google+ network, this latest addition by G+ is far better than that of twitter.

4. In twitter, you can opt to see either top posts or posts with links or all the posts together that a particular trending topic yields. With the advanced search present under the ‘refine results’ in twitter you can always opt to filter the search further as per your preferences/requirements. In Google+ trending topics, though the customized options available are not exactly the same as in twitter yet they are fair enough to give you a good taste in variety. Most important filters present in G+ trending topics results are ‘Most Recent’ and ‘Best of’.  Apart from these two options you can experience four more options namely ‘Everything’, ‘People & Pages’,  ‘Google+ posts’ and ‘Sparks’. Under the options ‘Everything’ and ‘Google+ posts’ you have further options to choose either from everyone or from your circles or from your own posts.

5. Unlike twitter ‘promoted’ trending topic, Google+ hasn’t introduced the advertising scope to its trending topics yet.


1. Both the twitter and G+ have same amount of trending topics in that list. It stands at 10.

2. Both twitter and Google+ empower the users to save the search results coming out of these topics.

3. Ripples in G+ powers the users to further dissect the outcome of a trending topic in terms of sharing. Similarly twitter powers the users to see the most re-tweeted posts on top.

4. If you like a G+ post that pops out of a trending topic, you can click the +1 button. In case of twitter, you can mark it as your favorite tweet.

5. Further sharing and expressing your own views on a post that comes out of a trending topic is always possible on both twitter and Google+. In twitter ‘reply’ and ‘retweet’ buttons do this job and for Google+ ‘comment’ and ‘share’ buttons perform the same.

Probable Future:

Just like twitter, Google may also adopt a proper Ad policy in its trending topics list. We can also imagine a future of Google+ trending topics powered by Google AdWords platform based on certain trending key words.

Along with the integration of Google search, we can also expect the integration in between Google+ trending topics and the Google trends to endow a customizable list appearance experience to its users in an immediate near future.

Is there a competition?

Somehow, this probable future of Google+ and its trending topics never compete directly with twitter. The applicability and utilization point of view for both the platforms are different, and always would be so. If Google really could stand a cut-throat competition with twitter in micro-blogging, today we would be more frequently buzzing instead of tweeting. And Google Buzz would be the platform of choice over twitter. But it never happened.

Yet one can’t deny the fact that Google+ still holds the biggest chance to snatch the crown of the most preferred and secured social media platform from Facebook.

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