Facebook on Spotlight and f8 at Stock Social Media Simplify Facebook on Spotlight and f8 at Stock Social Media Simplify

22 September, 2011

Facebook on Spotlight and f8 at Stock

Thursday brings great relief to almost everyone worldwide, as it brings the weekend nearer, but not for Facebook this time.

WF this Thursday stores for FB?

This Thursday, Facebook is determined to continue their leap on the tracks of change towards the good wide spread (that’s what they think). It would start with the much talked (hyped) f8 conference on Thursday 22nd which promises to change the fate & face of the social networking.

As per the reports including the most trusted sources like Mashable and TechCrunch, Facebook at its f8 conference in San Francisco will take the biggest step ever after its launch to reach a stage where Facebook would be the main connecting social layer among almost every single thing on the web irrespective of their source and destination.

First few steps:
Well, they have already started this so called good spread with the introduction of the preliminary changes like sidebar news ticker, subscribe option, renovated Friends list, enhanced character limitation on status updates etc.

Reaction to the recent changes:
Most of the folks from industry and the regular user-base are not happy with the recent changes Facebook has introduced. Personally, since the launch of top story, sidebar news ticker, subscribe option and other stuffs I have had around 35-40 phone calls from my local friends and business connection asking the know-how of the new Facebook avatar. And I know, this post saying that Facebook will introduce many more changes Thursday onward would just only increase the nuances among them as well other users.

Notably, Jason Falls (The back-bone of Social Media Explorer) in one of his FB updates says – “Hey Facebook - If we wanted a ticker, we'd watch TV. Turn that shit off already!”
Lee Odden of Top Rank Blog in one of his FB updates is seen complaining about missing links after the recent changes FB has introduced.

And just like these two super-experts, people all around the world are not happy with one or the other of the recently introduced changes.

The Future:
Along with the (probable) introduction of many third party stuufs FB at its f8 conference will definitely focus on a new future where it will touch all the spheres of life including the best part attached called ‘emotions’.

As Ben Parr writes in his one of the Mashable posts, “The changes Facebook will roll out on Thursday are designed to enhance the emotional connection its users have to each other through Facebook”. Facebook will definitely try its best not to stand at a position where Yahoo is. And the best thing to counter that (as a social networking platform) is to play the upper hand in connecting to the emotions of the users, since Facebook has lost that emotion in its run to win the numero uno position on the web.  As we all can experience, FB is no more a platform attached to our emotions, rather it has become a bare necessity as most of our friends are there on FB.

So, with this f8 conference (live streaming below) Facebook is supposed to take a giant and never before step that will play the good spread I the favor of users and Facebook itself as well.


Watch live streaming video from f8live at livestream.com

This Thursday f8 will Change the World.


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